How the Syosset School District Teaches Race In the Classroom

The Syosset Central School District on Long Island has added steps into their curriculum to ensure that Black history is being taught at an elementary, middle and high school level. During the recurring Black Lives Matter protests last year, countless lives were lost at the hands of police brutality. Although a significant portion of the

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Social Media Content Creator Donicia Hodge Found a Home at BET After Working Past Years of Racial Bias

BET Social Media Content Creator Donicia Hodge Reveals the Racial Biases She Overcame While Working in the Journalism Field

Donicia Hodge, lead editorial content creator at BET, worked her way up in the communications field despite racial biases. Born and raised on Long Island, Hodge has had many uncomfortable experiences in her positions before being recruited to BET.  Hodge said she worked a lot through the Town of Babylon before getting to digital media.

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