Man Arrested For Trespassing and Harassment After Causing a Scene at a Melville Mosque

By: Miya Jones
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Last Thursday, an East Northport man was arrested for trespassing and harassment after entering and allegedly refusing to leave a mosque in Melville according to police. Law enforcement stated, 46, knocked on the door and was let in by an employee. Endler then allegedly began yelling at employees as soon as he entered the Islamic Center of Melville. In a video, Endler can be seen marching around the establishment chanting “Free the Israeli hostages now,” as employees try to get him to leave.

Endler then asks the employees “Would you pray for the Israeli Jewish women?” referring to the current conflict between Israel and Hamas to which one woman replied “For all people Sir.” The man continued to march around the mosque calling for the freeing of Israeli hostages and he also called one man at the mosque “racist.”

Reportedly a 16-year-old employee eventually made his way into the bathroom to call the police.

Cops arrived on the scene but decided to let Endler go. Police stated they arrested Endler at his home the next day.

Suffolk County District Attorney Raymond A. Tierney announced that Endler has been arrested for Criminal Trespass in the Third Degree and Harassment in the Second Degree.

He has plead not guilty. Judge Alonzo Jacobs has ordered that Endler be released on his own recognizance during the pendency of the case. According to New York State law, Endler’s charges are considered non-bail eligible. Endler is set to return to court on April 3, 2024 and will be represented by Bob Curran, Esq.

An order of protection for the mosque has been issued by Judge Jacobs at the request of the district attorney. The mosque has also since hired a private security firm.

Endler has not been charged with a hate crime specifically. The Suffolk County hate crimes unit, Chief of Detectives Darrel Simmons, Deputy Police Commissioner Kevin Catalina and other high-ranking officials said the incident did not fit the description of a hate crime under the law.

Endler and his attorney have not made a public statement on the incident as of yet.

Gov. Kathy Hochul made a visit to the mosque on Monday to show her support. She also publicly condemned Endler’s actions on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter.

Long Island

Long Islan

Long Island

President of the Islamic Center of Melville Talaat Abdelmoneim said initially members of the mosque were not satisfied with law enforcement’s response, but the feeling has since changed.

“We had a very constructive meeting where we expressed our concerns about safety and such disruptive behavior and making people feel unsafe,” said Abdelmoneim. “Our concern was about the safety and police said they will do whatever needs to be done.”

There is also set to be an increase in surveillance from police during Sunday school, Friday prayers and around Ramadan.

To see a video of the incident see below:

Miya Jones

Miya Jones

Miya Jones is a Long Island native and the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Shades of Long Island. She's been a journalist since the age of 17 and is a diversity advocate. Follow Miya on Instagram and Twitter: @miyajones1996 and on Facebook as Miya Jones.

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