Long Island Eid Bazaars Invites Celebration

By: Vincent
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inside Long Island Eid bazaar

Eid al-Adha, one of the most important events in the Islamic Calendar, is a three-day celebration most likely to begin on June 28, as per Al Jazeera. The celebration commemorates the willingness of prophet Ibrahim to sacrifice his son, Ismail, to Allah, as told in the Quran. The story is also told in Judaism and Christianity, but with different names. For Islamic Long Islanders, a great place to celebrate Eid is the Eid Bazaar’s being held on June 27 and July 1, at the Holiday Inn in Plainview. 

The June 27 event is Chaand Raat, a pre-Eid celebration, and the July 1 event is the Eid celebration itself. The events, hosted by Premier Events & Entertainment, include a plethora of activities for kids and adults, according to their website. The bazaar is open from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. on both days, and admission and parking are completely free. 

The bazaar started in 2013 as the first large scale pop-up bazaar on Long Island, and has operated ever since. Similar bazaars are held in New Jersey and Connecticut, and are operated by the same organization. 

Long Island

Voices overlap each other as people buzz up and down the aisles seeking deals at the myriad of vendors. With over fifty vendors, exclusive collections make this a must visit for anyone looking to celebrate Eid. The vendors offer an array of products ranging from clothes to jewelry.

Brightly colored clothes act as rhinestones bedazzling the rows and rows of vendors. Hijabs, abayas, rings and gold bracelets, as well as brand clothing like Agha Noor and Sana Sadinaz can all be found at the bazaar, among other things.

For the kids, a wide selection of new and retro arcade games, as well as a VR headset station, can be found at the bazaar. 

Premier Events & Entertainment is very adamant about charity, and lists organizations to support on their website. For more information regarding similar events and bazaars, visit Premier Events & Entertainment’s website, as well as their Facebook page

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Vincent Arroyo is a young writer born and raised on Long Island, and a contributor for Shades of Long Island.

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