International Yoga Day Highlight: Body & Brain Lynbrook Owners Show Why Yoga Should Be Part of Your Routine

By: Anthony Johnson
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International Yoga Day Highlight: Body & Brain Lynbrook Shows Why Yoga Should Be Part of Your Routine

Beatricia Brun was in college when she started incorporating yoga into her routine. 

On weekends, she would travel from Stony Brook University to Syosset, where her mother worked. Together, they would commute to a nearby yoga studio for class before heading home. 

Now, Brun is the manager of Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi in Lynbrook. She took over managing duties of the studio from her mother Rose, who is also the owner. 

The Lynbrook studio, located at 29 Hempstead Avenue, is one out of over 100 Body & Brain venues nationwide.

Body & Brain was founded by Ilchi Lee over 40 years ago in Korea. The franchise arrived in the United States in 1996, where it began to grow in popularity due to its utilization of Tai Chi and Qigong practices.

International Yoga Day Highlight: Body & Brain Lynbrook Shows Why Yoga Should Be Part of Your Routine
Ilchi Lee 📸:

The studio provides both in-person and online classes, in addition to private and group sessions.

“The basic foundation of any type of martial art is yoga,” said Brun. “It is connecting mind with body, connecting to the deepest breath and learning how to find your flow without any measure or judgment.” 

Brun broke down the list of benefits beyond your physical and emotional well-being that come with doing yoga.

“Yoga helps you to create more of a positive mindset,” said Brun. “Your thoughts, and even your dreams and aspirations become more aligned with positive outcomes as opposed to the worst case scenarios.” 

At Body & Brain, each day offers something different for its members. For instance, Monday classes focus on core conditioning. 

“When we’re under stress, our intestines are tight and our digestion and focus is affected by it,” said Brun. “We do these exercises to help release that stress in the gut and promote blood circulation and the release of toxins.” 

Other days center around energy movement throughout the body. 

“We focus on what we call meridian exercises,” explained Brun. “Meridians are energy lines that flow through the body. We do specific exercises to help open up those energy channels.”

International Yoga Day Highlight: Body & Brain Lynbrook Shows Why Yoga Should Be Part of Your Routine

 The instructors also give time for members to share how they are feeling in the present moment.

“This helps to build community with other members,” said Brun. “It actually feels like family. You get to talk about a lot of your life and it does get very comfortable.” 

Additionally, Body & Brain Lynbrook is also one of the few Black-owned yoga businesses on Long Island. 

“Usually when you go to yoga studios around [Lynbrook], there may not be an instructor that you feel can resonate with the issues that you’re going through,” said Brun. “When you see more people that show up that look like you, it makes a world of a difference.” 

Brun believes finding a studio that you are comfortable with is an important factor to consider for anyone who is looking to start practicing yoga, however, consistency is key. 

“You have to make an effort,” said Brun. “If you need to change your schedule a little bit to get to class, do it. We recommend here at Body & Brain to come at least two to three times a week.” 

 Brun acknowledges that it may take some time to find the perfect routine. But the benefits that come with practicing yoga makes it all worthwhile, according to Brun. 

“If that first studio that you went to wasn’t the best one, go to another studio,” she said. “By the time you go to another studio, what you are actually looking for will be more clear. I do recommend yoga for the whole entire planet.” 

International Yoga Day Highlight: Body & Brain Lynbrook Shows Why Yoga Should Be Part of Your Routine

In celebration of International Yoga Day, Body & Brain Lynbrook is offering a trial month of unlimited in-person and online classes for $99 (originally $180). The studio is also offering a free private introductory session with Brun before new members start. During this one-on-one session, they will get to learn the basics and share more about what they’re looking for. 

Anthony Johnson

Anthony Johnson

Anthony Johnson is a reporting intern at Shades of Long Island. He currently lives in Bayside, New York. He is a junior at Stony Brook University, pursuing a bachelor's degree in Journalism.

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