Hispanic Culture Celebrated On Long Island During Q&A with NY Times Bestselling Author Xochitl Gonzalez

By: Emmanuel Jaquez
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Latino women from all over Long Island came together in Great Neck to welcome Xochitl Gonzalez. She is the NY Times Bestselling author of Olga Dies Dreaming. Latina Moms Connect and 100 Hispanic Women National collaborated for the first time to host this event. The venue had over 70 excited attendees from different backgrounds who socialized with one another throughout the night.

Latina Moms Connect focuses on improving the connections within communities that help reinforce Latino culture. Organizers of this event came together to help promote women’s equality in the Latino community.

Dorothy Santana, president of Latina Moms Connect, stated that “Our mission works to build connections within the community to help support cultural preservation, nurture cultural identity, and build pride in our children to stay connected to culture.”

Long Island's Dorothy Santana and Alicia McGrath speaking to audience and introducing Latina Author Xochitl Gonzalez
(Left to right) Dorothy Santana, Alicia McGrath and Xochitl Gonzalez 📸: Emmanuel Jaquez

100 Hispanic Women National is committed to helping improve the lives of Latino women through leadership and to lending a helping hand to help effectively enhance the strengths and the fight for equality for Latino women across Long Island. 


Alicia McGrath, the president of 100 Hispanic Women National, said that “Latina women need to learn that they are getting paid 54 cents to the dollar as opposed to white males with the same education and credentials. It’s really concerning learning about that and advocating about that.” 

McGrath continued to say, “Advocating to legislators and spreading the word is very important because we have the largest growing demographic. We need our voice heard to empower other Latina women coming into the workforce in every aspect. There is less than one percent of Latinas in CEO roles currently in the United States. Diversity brings power. By educating, communicating, and learning about each other, it empowers everyone.”

Long Island

Picture of Hispanic restaurant Mi Casa Es Tu Casa's awning

The event was took place at Mi Casa Es Tu Casa, a Colombian restaurant located in Great Neck. Various foods and drinks were available for people who came down to the event. The primary purpose was to network, discuss a NY Times Bestselling book and celebrate Women’s History Month. The book touched on many aspects of the American dream for latino women, political corruption and familial struggles.

The main portion of the event saw a Q&A-style interview with Gonzalez. The NY Times Bestselling author answered audience questions throughout the night about her book, which seems to inspire women from all backgrounds. 

The love and passion that the organizers and attendees of the event had for latino connection seemed to be very impactful. Both organizers also promoted Hispanic businesses such as the Colombian restaurant where the event took place. 

Long Island

Latina Moms Connect and 100 Hispanic Women National plan to hold another event at a latino owned businesses in the coming months.


Emmanuel Jaquez

Emmanuel Jaquez

Being a college student is hard, but knowing that hard work will pay off is one of my primary motivations. I earned a journalism associate's degree at Suffolk County Community College. I am currently on track to achieve my bachelor's degree at Stony Brook University by 2022.

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