Island Water Park Coming to Calverton Plans On Bringing Extreme Indoor Water Activities to Long Island

By: Emmanuel Jaquez
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Calverton, Long Island might have a new water attraction coming in just in time for the summer heat. Island Water Park is the name of the new kind of water park, hoping to bring a different water park experience than others found on the island. 

Island Water Park has been in the making for almost 20 years. With a 46-acre property, the new water park is hoping to differentiate from other water parks on Long Island, such as Splish Splash, also located in Calverton. Island Water Park hopes to bring in more extreme activities and indoor attractions.

The 75,000 square foot park was bought directly from the town of Riverhead back for more than $700,000 back in 2003.

The critical difference between Island Water Park and other water parks is that they will not have any water rides but water activities and more. Including a 20-acre artificial lake, water obstacle course, indoor surfing, bumper boats, and more. 


Back in November 2021, the town of Riverhead issued a stop-work order to the water park due to more work that was conducted that wasn’t included in the site plan. 

Island Water Park was hit with a setback with the stop-work order. The water park held up and continued to clean up the area. 

The Riverhead Town Board gave the green light to Island Water Park in February 2022, after going through many ups and downs with residents and the town. 

Nelson Pope Voorhis (NPV) conducted a project Need and Benefit Analysis and submitted it to the Town of Riverhead. NPV stated that Island Water Park would have an estimated $65.5 million off revenue annually from various sales such as tickets, food and drinks, a gym, birthday parties, sky dying, and other miscellaneous sale revenue, according to the NPV report. 

The estimated revenue will amount to roughly $5.6 million in annual sales tax, which would provide approximately 4 percent  or $2.6 million in sales tax for the State of New York. Suffolk County would retain roughly 4.25 percent or $2.7 million and an 0.375 percent or an estimated $245,873 to the New York State Metropolitan Commuter Transportation District, amounting to 8.625 percent New York tax. 

The town was also granted a 10-year tax reduction by the Riverhead Industrial Development Agency. The drops start at 50 percent  then decrease five percent every year. The tax deduction could allow the new water park to benefit from this reduction in tax in various ways. 

Island Water Park aims to bring over 350 jobs to the area and could help bring in more people out east. The park is set to be open year-round, allowing people from all over the island and beyond to enjoy what Island Water Park offers. 

Emmanuel Jaquez

Emmanuel Jaquez

Being a college student is hard, but knowing that hard work will pay off is one of my primary motivations. I earned a journalism associate's degree at Suffolk County Community College. I am currently on track to achieve my bachelor's degree at Stony Brook University by 2022.

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