Across the Mic with Julio Taku – Being an Educator is a Lifelong Journey

By: Julio Taku
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Across the Mic with Julio Taku - Being a Young Businesswoman

Welcome to Across The Mic with Julio Taku where I, Julio Taku (pronounced Jew-Leo Tah-Coo), cover issues pertaining to the different intersections of Blackness in areas such as politics, fashion, music, activism, academia, art, sex work, health care etc. Guest appearances from professionals and creatives in their respective fields will provide insight and unique perspectives to the issues discussed.

In this episode, I’m joined by Verdel Jones, the host of “Conversations with Verdel Jones” and “Let’s Kick it with the Joneses”, current district director of guidance and support services at Plainedge school district on Long Island. Conversations with Verdel Jones seeks to educate people through dialogue with experts and professionals in their respective fields.

On this episode we discuss the importance of sharing your gifts with the world and expanding your horizons through different mediums. We also discuss the effects of the political climate on our well-being, how to combat that and not becoming disillusioned with politics.

Conversations with Verdel Jones YouTube: Conversations with Verdel Jones

Let’s Kick it with the Joneses YouTube: Let’s Kick it with the Joneses

Julio Taku

Julio Taku

“Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.” - James Baldwin. That quote rings so true for me because of the world we live in today. Oftentimes, the truth is obscured or hidden from us for any number of reasons. This effectively blinds us from getting the full story. I see it as my duty to help clear the blind spots we tend to ignore whether it be in history, modern times or in the future. As a student journalist at Stony Brook University, I am working to contextualize modern events through relevant historical lenses. Nothing exists in isolation and it’s important to understand this when analyzing contemporary issues. This is especially true in matters of culture, race and gender. My work exists to diversify the narratives and stories in journalism. I currently serve as Culture editor at The Stony Brook Press where I do just that and amplify the voices of others. Twitter: @Julio_Taku Facebook: Julio Taku Jr. Instagram: @julio_taku

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