Black-Owned Bra and Lingerie Company The Fitting Curve Caters to Women No Matter What Shape or Size

By: Katelynn Heredia
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Have you been looking for a new bra? Well you might want to look into this small Long Island business, that’s making women feel better in their bras. The Fitting Curve is a Black-owned company founded by Kelly H. Saintus and Helene T. Delince, along with help from Stephanie Vincent. Combined, these three have experience in fashion, retail, lingerie, bra fitting, bridal and maternity. They are trained bra fitting professionals with over 30 years of expertise. All this gives them insight into very intimate aspects of a woman’s world. 

“We pride ourselves on the customer experience because it promotes loyalty, helps to retain customers, and encourages brand advocacy.” says Delince. Their desire is to help women find the perfect bra fit.  

The 3 founders of the Black-Owned Bra and Lingerie Company The Fitting Curve
📸: (Left to right) Helene T. Delince, Kelly H Saintus & Stephanie Vincent

But why is a bra so important? Bras support one of the most personal areas of a natural woman’s body. The Fitting Curve makes it a point that all bodies are beautiful no matter the shape. When a woman is bigger chested or has a baby it can be hard to feel confident in the wrong bra. Getting the right fitting bra is important, the lack of breast support can lead to major discomfort. Are you ever urging for that moment when you get home to let loose? Maybe you’re just not wearing the right bra? Don’t get me wrong. Nothing is comfier than nothing at all. But, your boobs shouldn’t be getting attacked every time you wear your bra.

Lingerie has empowered women for centuries. It is designed to flatter the wearer and make them feel confident while being modest and seductive. For many women wearing lingerie is an act of self love and The Fitting Curve wants to do just that. 

Black-Owned Bra and Lingerie Company The Fitting Curve Caters to Women No Matter What Shape or Size


“Ultimately, we also wanted to create a local and positive experience for people,” says Saintus. “We want to emulate and represent in the lingerie space and strive every day to create an authentic space for all women.”

Providing their expertise and encouraging women to embrace their bodies can be extremely helpful to a woman who had a mastectomy. They are trained and certified to do just that for breast cancer survivors. Not only do they offer bra fitting services, but they sell other products as well. They also sell robes, slips, pajamas, sleepwear and more. 

As we all know there is a pandemic going on. They were closed in store for a while, but are now open for business. For the safety of customers they have created some precautions to limit capacity. Currently the Fitting Curve is only scheduling appointments to enter the store. 

Covid-19 has impacted our business like all other small businesses,” says Vincent. They even had a shopping discount for all essential workers and shipped locally free of charge, when they reopened. They are still providing their services to customers through the pandemic offering “virtual services for those who couldn’t get to us or needed to distance themselves socially.”

“Small boutiques and businesses like ours don’t really exist on Long Island,” says Delince. 

The Fitting Curve is a small Haitian-American owned small business, which is pretty rare on Long Island. “Representation matters!” Delince points out “If consumer spending accounts for 70% of the entire US economy, imagine what directing some of that spending power to Black-owned businesses across the country can do?”

Katelynn Heredia

Katelynn Heredia

My name is Katelynn Heredia. I am currently a junior at Stony Brook University, who is majoring in Journalism and minoring in Media arts. My interests lie in Entertainment, Culture, and Human Rights. You can follow me on Instagram/Twitter: @ShadyyKaty

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