The Curse of an Artist (Poem)

By: Sade Norwood
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The Curse of an Artist (Poem)

I have chosen to live outside of simplicity.

Though, I yearn for peace.

My dreams complicate me.

There is no distinct path for an Artist.

I am constanstly digging up dirt and placing cement where I see fit.

Sometimes the road is wrong and paved with despair.

But it is a beautiful burden to bear, as I am the Creator of this journey.

My longing for peace exists within my choice to choose Art over what others say is security.

What is more secure than peace of mind?

Sade Norwood

Sade Norwood

Sade’ is an alumnus of Virginia State University. She’s also a published author. She was first published in “Hysteria 3” after winning a flash-fiction writing competition. Her piece, “Adrift,” made a huge impression on the judges, and the following year, She was asked to join the competition as a judge for the flash-fiction category. She has been featured in the online magazine 21Ninety and Harness Magazine. You can now purchase Section 1 of Sade’s three-part short fiction collection, “Love & Other Miseries” on Amazon. Instagram: @sade_thewriter

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