5 Life-Changing Tips that Will Build your Mental Toughness

By: Uma Devi
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During this period in time, we need to focus more on our mental health. It has become very important. If a person is tough mentally, that person is said to be fit holistically. It is our mental peace that brings peace in our lives. Mental toughness helps you heal or recover mentally and physically. A mentally tough person can achieve a lot. But is it so simple to be fit mentally when you have circumstances that can pose a threat to your sanity?

In honor of it being Minority Mental Health Month, and because there’s a lot of other things going on, here are five life-changing ways to build your mental toughness:

1) Patience, Control and Acceptance

5 Life-Changing Tips that Will Build your Mental Toughness

Without patience, mental fortitude is difficult. Being patient helps you become mentally sound. When you are sound mentally, this aids in your decision-making process. You can practice patience by taking deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth and practicing meditation. Control in this sense means keeping your emotions from overflowing and affecting you mentally. It also means preventing others’ emotions from impacting you as well. When you can monitor your emotions, it will help fortify your mental state. Our emotional intelligence determines how we act, so it important to practice ways to further our emotional education. Lastly, accept failure, it’s fine. Failure is a part of your struggle and success. So never get demotivated or lose hope when a situation is not in your favor. Along with accepting failure learn to accept others and their flaws along with yourself as a whole. 

2) It Is Your Perspective That Should Matter, Not Others

5 Life-Changing Tips that Will Build your Mental Toughness

Listening to naysayers will take away your mental peace. Your perspectives will help you deal with your problems. It will be with you when the world turns its back on you. Opinions of others should not matter to you or affect you. You should not get demotivated by their words. Listening to them and being stuck on them will not only waste your time, but will affect your mental health as well. So, it should be your outlook of the world that matters, not others. 

3) Allow Positive Thoughts To Enter, Let Negativity Exit Stage Left

5 Life-Changing Tips that Will Build your Mental Toughness

It is very difficult to cultivate positive thoughts, especially when you are going through a tough time. But remember, it is not impossible either. Both positive and negative thoughts will enter your mind. But, your mental toughness depends on which ones you choose to cultivate. Nurture positive thoughts and let go of negative ones. It is another way to strengthen your emotional intelligence. 

4) Acquire As Much Knowledge As Possible

5 Life-Changing Tips that Will Build your Mental Toughness

It is the knowledge that defines what type of person you are. Knowledge shapes you and your perspective. It will allow you to look at the world more openly and you will be a mentally tough person. When you have knowledge, you have confidence. And when you have both, you can face any kind of situation with less stress. Do some mindful activities that will increase your attention span and increase the amount of gray matter in your brain. Read books or blogs. Watch movies or videos that will enhance your knowledge. Make sure that you are engaging in mentally stimulating activity. Brain exercises like puzzles or even physically working out can lead to a healthier brain and mindset.

5) Focus, Just Focus

5 Life-Changing Tips that Will Build your Mental Toughness

Both focus and mental toughness are interrelated. If you can focus, you are mentally tough and if you are mentally tough you can easily focus. Whatever you are doing, focus on it. In order to focus, it is advisable that you should do one thing at a time. Focus on the purpose, always ask the question “why” when you are doing something or are about to do something. When you focus on the purpose and the reason, there’s less of a chance that you will give up because you have a purpose. This purpose will keep you going and you will be able to focus to complete the task at hand.

It is said that the mind is the most powerful weapon as well as the weakest one can have. It solely depends on you how you use it. If you train your mind well, it will be your best and the strongest companion and will lead to growth, success, peace and happiness, if not, it will take you down. Your mental strength defines your potential. Practicing and following these life-changing tips you on your journey to mental toughness. And this journey doesn’t have an ending, because you can always learn something new and the journey is the best part.

Uma Devi

Uma Devi

Uma is an Indian student in her final year in media science. She has a strong inclination and is passionate about writing. Writing style includes various genres such as lifestyles, social and motivational stories, etc. She loves doing photoshoots and dance is her ideal way to stay fit and active.

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