Anxiety in a Quarantine: Observing The Old Ways

By: Louis Raio a.k.a. An Anxious Man
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Anxiety in a Quarantine: Observing The Old Ways


Here is the latest IGTV video I posted in the series I’m calling “Anxiety In A Quarantine.”

I’ve been creating and sharing my experiences with anxiety on places like YouTube and Instagram since 2017. These recent months have allowed me time to both have more anxiety and post more videos about it. I’m happy to say that over the last few weeks I have had some really great positive progress with my anxiety and I share some of that with you in the video.

You can find more of my IGTV videos at my Instagram page or on my YouTube page. I post a few videos a week and sometime I post on both at the same time or keep certain videos on Instagram and certain videos on YouTube.

I hope you enjoy this video and it resonates with you, especially those of you out there dealing with anxiety on a daily basis.

I will be posting more content here on the site.

Stay safe out there!


Louis Raio a.k.a. An Anxious Man

Louis Raio a.k.a. An Anxious Man

I am a poet, photographer, artist and creator. I create videos weekly on my own experiences with anxiety in the hopes of connecting with other people suffering from anxiety. I hope to connect and allow others to see that we have very similar experiences and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I share all of my creative ventures. I hope you enjoy some of them. Instagram: @_ananxiousman_ Facebook: @AnAnxiousMan

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