6 Key Things Needed to Handle a Long Distance Relationship

By: Uma Devi
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6 Key Facts Needed to Handle a Long Distance Relationship

By Uma Devi

It is a human tendency to focus on what’s in front of our eyes. The more distance an object is, the more it’ll be out out of our mind, but does this apply in a relationship?

How can love be off your mind when your heart is filled with love? 

Distance won’t matter if you are truly in love, it will prove the theory, out of sight out of mind, wrong if you are deeply in love. A relationship comes with responsibility and you happily take everything up when love takes over. But despite having lots of love, if you are still finding it hard to maintain a long-distance relationship, here are six ways to tackle it.

1. Spend quality time over quantity, make it productive:

6 Key Facts Needed to Handle a Long Distance Relationship

If you are in a long-distance relationship, it means you will use technology to stay connected. So when you spend time with others through that medium, you can spend quality time together. Make sure you end the conversation on a note that brings a smile on both of your faces. Even if conflicts arise, end the conversation by solving it.

2. A straightforward approach is needed, always be honest:

6 Key Facts Needed to Handle a Long Distance Relationship
?: The Tempest

A lie can save you from danger, but it can endanger your relationship. The truth may hurt, but it may build trust. If anything has affected you, let your partner know, and if not now, do it when things get under control. Bottled up feelings will flow in the wrong direction and the consequences can be very dangerous. Being honest will boost the trust level between the two of you, and it will be one of the keys to handling a long-distance relationship. 

3. Fewer expectations, more acceptance:

6 Key Facts Needed to Handle a Long Distance Relationship
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Expectations increase as the bond becomes stronger. The more you give, the more you expect. But too many expectations can burden your relationship and if it fails to take it, the bond will break into pieces. Accept the fact there is distance and that it requires more acceptance than criticism or complaints. If your partner is busy or fails to give you time, understand it. Sacrifice should not be what you should expect, but a sense of understanding. There should be a mutual understanding.

4. Give yourself time to tackle situations:

6 Key Facts Needed to Handle a Long Distance Relationship

It is said that long-distance relationships maximize the chances of having a misunderstanding. And if you are apart from each other, small misunderstandings can create big conflict, and making time for yourself is very important. When you start thinking, you will find solutions and you will find answers easily. 

5. Encourage each other:

6 Key Facts Needed to Handle a Long Distance Relationship
?: Gretchen Rubin

Motivation lies within us, but one will be more motivated to be in the relationship when they have a partner who encourages them. What keeps us going? It is hope and encouragement. If a relationship has both, it will go on. When you are connected mentally and emotionally, time will bring you together physically as well. Keep that hope, keep encouraging each other and things will be okay soon. 

6. Stay optimistic:

6 Key Facts Needed to Handle a Long Distance Relationship

You can handle the situation better when you approach it right. The situation may not always be in your favor, but the way you control it or tackle it is in your hands. This optimistic approach may not make everything right, but it will give you the strength to deal with every situation with a smile. Distance is nothing when being optimistic is always an option.

It is a duration that will come to an end. Distance won’t affect the relationship as it never wishes to love your body, but your spirit.

Uma Devi

Uma Devi

Uma is an Indian student in her final year in media science. She has a strong inclination and is passionate about writing. Writing style includes various genres such as lifestyles, social and motivational stories, etc. She loves doing photoshoots and dance is her ideal way to stay fit and active.

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