Coronavirus Testing Site Built to Serve Elmont Community

By: Miya Jones
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Coronavirus Testing Site Built to Serve Elmont Community

A new outside site for testing COVID-19 has opened in Elmont following the creation of sites in Hempstead and Freeport Nassau County Executive Laura Curran announced.

Similar to other testing set-ups, the new one in Elmont will be in operation from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Monday through Friday and will be open to everyone regardless of one’s health insurance or immigration status. All three locations are accessible via NICE Bus, which is free. Muti-lingual translators are also available at each testing site and those who are tested will receive a free box of food supplies.

Coronavirus Testing Site Built to Serve Elmont Community

“One of the best tools Nassau County has to begin a safe re-opening is mass testing, particularly in our hardest hit areas,” said Curran in a press release. “This crisis has affected all of us, but it’s shining a bright light on long-standing inequities that we must continue to address in our county and country. That’s why Nassau County is rapidly scaling up access to COVID-19 testing and services in our hardest hit communities, which are predominantly communities of color. In response to rising food insecurity, we’re also stepping up food assistance in lower-income communities, because no one in Nassau should wonder where their next meal is coming from.”

Elmont, which is 47% Black and 21% Hispanic and almost 14% Asian, has the fourth highest number of coronavirus cases at 1,016. An additional testing site is also scheduled to be created in Westbury soon, where has 389 cases have been confirmed.

If you are experiencing coughing, a fever or shortness of breath, you can call 516-396-7500 to schedule an appointment.

Coronavirus Testing Site Built to Serve Elmont Community
Miya Jones

Miya Jones

Miya Jones is a Long Island native and the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Shades of Long Island. She's been a journalist since the age of 17 and is a diversity advocate. Follow Miya on Instagram and Twitter: @miyajones1996 and on Facebook as Miya Jones.

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