Finding Peace (Poem)

By: Sade Norwood
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Finding Peace (Poem)

I preferred the numbness when I relived your memories 

Etched in my heart for a lifetime 

I never got a chance to say farewell, I was too afraid to see you 

The tubes

The grim beeping of the life support 

I’ve never seen you weak 

That made weak 



Anything to make me forget how I neglected you when you needed me the most

Still in a trance from the prior night’s prescription of heartbreak relievers 

Somehow arrived at your grave.

On my knees in tears, begging for your forgiveness.

I pled for your admirable strength 

Even in death your ability to prevail still outweighs my perseverance

When my daze became clear

My guilt is released

My heart alludes that you are a present

I feel the tinge from the Sun

It’s you, I know it

Reassuring me, that everything will be ok 

I will be ok

Your love for me is still unconditional 

I find peace in that. 

Sade Norwood

Sade Norwood

Sade’ is an alumnus of Virginia State University. She’s also a published author. She was first published in “Hysteria 3” after winning a flash-fiction writing competition. Her piece, “Adrift,” made a huge impression on the judges, and the following year, She was asked to join the competition as a judge for the flash-fiction category. She has been featured in the online magazine 21Ninety and Harness Magazine. You can now purchase Section 1 of Sade’s three-part short fiction collection, “Love & Other Miseries” on Amazon. Instagram: @sade_thewriter

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