Queen of the Pen (Ode to Toni Morrison)

By: Dearest Price
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Queen of the Pen (Ode to Toni Morrison)

Some of you grieved hard for Nipsey, while others held on to Tupac. Some are still in shock and devastated by the loss of Aaliyah and Left Eye. Today, I grieve for my mother, a literary God. A genius met her end.

Her name was Toni Morrison, and in my despair, she was always my friend. At 15 I read “Tar Baby,” understanding that Blackness was essence not rage. When full lips and melanin were distorted, it showed me the power of the literary stage. Then I read “Sula,” “Beloved” and “Songs of Solomon,” which strengthened my need to read. Leading with the pen, which I know is truly God, for years her prophetic words were my feed. She spoke boldly about miscegenation and hit hard on women’s issues today. Mothers can’t care for their own children and Ms. Morrison’s words would never play. She was vocal about the effects of slavery, talking about Black men without any shame.

Mother Morrison was definitely my “she-ro” and I will never forget her name. I remember laying in bed reading her stories as a woman had to take her children’s life. I remember tears rolling down my face because I knew real people experienced this type of strife. Today, we have lost a giant Queen Mother of the Pen. In my times of despair, Ms. Morrison wasn’t just an author, but was one of my best friends. Rest in power Mother.

Dearest Price

Dearest Price

Dearest Price grew up in Long Island, New York, North Babylon to be exact. She followed her passion for teaching, attending Howard University and later earning a history and Africana studies degree from Stony Brook University. She went on to receive a Masters of Education from Arcadia University. Teaching for over 20 years in several inner-city public schools, including Philadelphia, Camden and Baltimore, she gained a reputation for her uniqueness. She wasn’t afraid to advocate for her children and social injustice. Walking her students home from school or helping parents with grocery shopping was commonplace and made her influential in the communities she served. Some of her accomplishments include being awarded Teacher of the Year in Camden, New Jersey, being honored for her teaching abilities by a State Senator, Founder of The Chainbreakers Project Inc., distinguished author of such works as “Disguised As God”, CEO of Agape Voice Publishing LLC, co-Owner of Black Line News, preacher at New Hope A.M.E. Zion Church, but most importantly, the mother of two dynamic children, Sun and Justice. Twitter: @PriceDearest Facebook: Dearest Price Instagram: @dearestyprice

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