Breaking News: Videos of Deer Park Bike Confrontation Spark Questions of Racism

By: Miya Jones
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Videos of Deer Park Bike Confrontation Spark Questions of Racism

On Saturday, July 27 on Deer Park Ave., the first precinct Suffolk County Police responded to a possible dispute between adults and children over a stolen bike, and the fight was captured on film.

Delphia Robinson posted the video on Facebook, which shows her 15-year-old son Zy’aire along with a group of others tugging a bike. Robinson claims her son was surrounded by a group of white men, accused of stealing the bike, assaulted and called racial slurs. She said her son saved up for the bike, bought it last summer and has pictures of him using it prior.

“One man (Rob Bishop of deer park) actually choked my son,” wrote Robinson. “He also choked another man that was trying to intervene. All while calling him the “n” word, monkeys & speaking in racist and demeaning manners to KIDS!”

Robinson said Bishop was eventually arrested and charged with harassment, but she argues he should be charged with assault. Robinson wrote, “He was only charged with harassment because it’s not assault due to my son not having bruises.”

Karisa Gibbons Fasano, Bishop’s significant other took to Facebook claiming that their intentions were not racially motivated.

Videos of Deer Park Bike Confrontation Spark Questions of Racism

Robinson said they were not able to retrieve the bike after police retrieved it from Bishop.
“Upon bringing the receipt to the precinct yesterday for the bike we learned the man damaged it taking off the chain and pedals,” wrote Robinson. “Suffolk county first precinct will not release the bike to me because we didn’t have the serial number even though another officer said they can use pictures to establish property.”

A GoFundMe account has been set up to donate money to help replace Zy’aire’s bike. To donate you can click here.

The racial dynamics of the situation are similar to the 2018 case in which a white man was arrested and sentenced to just three to 10 years after running over two Black men who he believed stole his dirt bike on Montauk Highway.

There will be monthly first precinct community meetings at the West Babylon Public Library where people are encouraged to voice their concerns about these incidents.

Videos of Deer Park Bike Confrontation Spark Questions of Racism

According to the police, they recently became aware of the first video and the investigation is ongoing. We will continue to update you on the story.

Miya Jones

Miya Jones

Miya Jones is a Long Island native and the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Shades of Long Island. She's been a journalist since the age of 17 and is a diversity advocate. Follow Miya on Instagram and Twitter: @miyajones1996 and on Facebook as Miya Jones.

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